Fusion Keyboard

||   What is Fusion Keyboard?

Fusion Keyboard is a multi-functional keyboard in which the keyboard surface also functions as a touchpad. Touch sensors under the keycaps recognize your intent and automatically turn the keyboard into a touchpad. Your fingers don't have to leave the keyboard to move the mouse cursor.

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||   How is this possible?

A precision touch sensor is located under the keyboard. Our technology automatically distinguishes between keyboard mode and mouse mode so that the mouse does not move while using the keyboard.

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||   What kind of keyboard does it have?

Mokibo fusion keyboard of model MKB420 has a pantograph keyboard, which is the most widely used type of keyboard in laptop computers, so it will have a familiar feel that provides comfort and fast typing. The key travel distance is 1.5mm which is the most desirable distance for laptop computers.

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||   How many types of fusion keyboards are there?

There are three types of Fusion Keyboards: the "Universal" model, which is the most general-purpose portable keyboard with a cover, and the model made for the type cover of the iPad 11" and iPad 12.9". In the future, we plan to make it for the type cover of Android tablet PC and Windows surface tablet PC.

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||   What have we done before?

We successfully crowdfunded our first version of the Mokibo Fusion Keyboard model MKB316 with the integrated touchpad surface in the US, Korea, and Japan and we produced it in 2019. Mokibo Fusion keyboard model MKB420 has made great strides in usability as well as key typing feel and touch sensitivity.

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||   Key features

Keyboard + Touchpad

Fusion Keyboard feels like a standard laptop keyboard because of the pantograph structure. A hidden touchpad under the keyboard not only saves space but also minimizes hand movement. Slide your fingers over the keys and see the mouse cursor magically move. The mouse pointer won’t move when you’re typing thanks to the automatic mode recognition algorithm. 

type mouse gesture.gif

You can scroll using two fingers just as you would a standard trackpad. Smoothness is comparable to that of trackpads/mice from leading brands. 

3-Point Gesture / Swiping up and down

Swipe three fingers up - the device shows the applications you have recently used. Swipe three fingers down - the device goes to the home screen. 

3 point swipe up down_320_10fr.gif
Tapping for clicking

You can operate left-click, double-click, or triple-click by tapping the keyboard surface with one finger. You can tap the keyboard surface with two fingers for right-click. 

tapping for clicking.gif

You can perform various gestures continuously with less arm movement.

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Multiple gesture actions
Dynamic Touch Area (DTA) solution

If you are right-handed, only the right half area will initially act as the touchpad so that you can place your left hand on the keyboard and use the touchpad with your right hand. However, if the touch point crosses the left border, the touch area expands dynamically. The same principle applies to left-handed people.

dynamic touch area.gif
Pairing with up to 3 device via Bluetooth 

Mokio Fusion Keyboard can be paired with up to three devices at the same time via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). One Mokibo can be switched from one device to another on your desk with the tap of a key. You can select one of the three devices by pressing the Fn key and one of the F9-F11 keys simultaneously. 

3 multiparing_400.gif
3 multiparing2_320.gif
Support i(Pad)OS, Android, DEX, Windows, MacOS, and Linux

Mokibo Fusion Keyboard supports not only iPadOS but also supports iOS, MacOS, Android, DEX, Windows, and Linux. The selected OS is saved and there is no need to select every time unless the device is changed.  

multi OS.gif
Multi-angle Stand 

The Mokibo Fusion Keyboard for iPad 11" and iPad 12.9" allows for a variety of screen angles including the optimum angle for Apple pencil use. 

multiangle speedy.gif
multi angle.jpg
Easy attachment by strong magnets
easy attachment by magnet.jpg
Supported Devices
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||   Demo videos


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