Touchpad Fusion Keyboard

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" Mokibo turns the entire surface of the keyboard into a large touchpad."

||   Key Features

Typing + Mouse

Touch sensors hidden on the keyboard instantly turn your keyboard into a large touchpad. You can move and click the mouse like a touchpad on a regular laptop.

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If you slide up and down with two fingers, it works as the mouse's scroll function. You can quickly navigate to any place on your Internet browser or document.

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Hot keys

Mokibo supports a variety of hotkeys including Home screen, Search, Screenshot and Virtual keyboard on/off. In addition, it provides various hotkeys such as Volume, Screen lock, Battery check, and Touch lock, etc.

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Pantograph structure

The Pantograph keyboard is thin and tactile and is widely used on laptops. Quick typing is possible and reduces finger fatigue.

Pair up to 3 Bluetooth devices

Pair up to 3 Bluetooth devices at the same time and easily switch between the paired devices.  The paired Bluetooth channel is indicated by the color of the LED indicator in the middle of the click bar. 

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Support Windows, Android, Mac, iPhone, and iPad

You can select the keyboard layout for the connected devices among Windows, Android, or Apple. The layout is auto-saved if it once selected and there is no need to set up every time unless the device is changed. For iPhone and iPad, both the keyboard and the touchpad of the Mokibo would work for the iOS13 and iPadOS13 or later.

Ultra-portable | Thin and Light

Mokibo is designed as a portable device. The Mokibo body is made of high-grade aluminum, which makes it thinner, lighter and more beautiful. With a thickness of 7.5mm and a weight of only 245g, the portability is maximized.

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||   Benefits

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||   Specifications

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||   Products

Mokibo Red
Mokibo Black
Mokibo White
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Supported Language Layouts

We have 11 language layouts available. The 10 languages are as follows. If you want to see more detailed images, please click here.

1. US        2. Korean      3. UK       4. German     5. French      6. Russian     

7. Japanese      8. Spanish     9. Italian     10. Swiss German    11. Taiwan

Smart Cover

One of the best ways to protect your Mokibo while on the go is to keep it with the Smart Cover.


The smart cover can also be used as a smart device stand.


If you fold back the Smart cover, Mokibo is tilted about 10 degrees and typing is more comfortable.

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Pouch (Real leather / Artificial leather)

The simplest way to carry Mokibo is to carry it with a pouch. There are two types of Pouch: Real Leather Pouch made of real leather and Premium Pouch made of artificial leather.

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